VISION - To nurture the strengths and work on the weaknesses of each individual to bring out the best in him or her.

INCLUSION - To integrate the individual into his or her family, school, and community in order to promote healthy relationships and better quality of life.

SUPPORT - To provide support services that cater to individual needs as well as those of the community as a whole.

HOLISTIC - To utilise a holistic approach for each individual to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the individual and to encourage overall mental, emotional, social, and physical development.

EMPOWER - To empower individuals and their families to be agents of positive change; to educate families and communities who will embrace and respect individual differences.

SELF SUFFICIENT - To make the individual self sufficient so that he can take care of himself and views himself as worthy of contributing in a positive manner to the development of society.

HEALTH - To provide health care services and maintain a system of high quality, accessible services.