Change is what people need the most, but it is also what they fear and resist the most. ‘Parivartan’ is a new programme started by Vishesh wing of Inclusive Centre of Education, which aims to bring about a change in the life of patients suffering from Schizophrenia.

Mentally ill people are shunned by society and isolated because they cannot function within the social definitions of normal. It is this sense of rejection that Parivartan seeks to remove first, by making the patient feel accepted. We help patients to overcome the trauma of seclusion and enable them to enjoy life and all that it offers However, the mentally ill also need to bring about changes in their thinking and behaviour so that they can be re-integrated into society. Parivartan helps patients to bring about this change through various processes like individual counselling, family counselling, group therapies, role-playing, debates, art, music therapy, problem solving sessions as well as games and techniques to improve attention & communication skills. All these processes help patients to change and redefine themselves so that they can return to being productive members of society.

The atmosphere of empathy and acceptance at Parivartan goes a long way in encouraging patients to exert positive influence in their lives, enable medication compliance and thereby stand on their own feet and be re-integrated into the mainstream of society.


1. Group Therapy
2. Relaxation Therapy
3. Improvement of Communication Skills/ social interaction/eye contact
4. Group Games Specially Designed To Increase Attention & Concentration.
5. Debate /Extempore Speech
6. Computer training
7. Occasional Long-Distance / Short Trips
8. Sessions To Improve Assertiveness
9. Regular Physical Exercise
10. Daily News Recollection
11. Hobby Development
12. Cooking Class, To Enable Them to Cook Their Own Food
13. Personal Hygiene training
14. Social skills training
15. Pre-vocational training
16. Patient and family counseling
17. Psychological upliftment
18. Cognito-perceptual training

"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly".

By understanding the dynamics of recovery, we have designed these effective courses of treatment thereby helping patients and families struggling to cope with this debilitating disease. Increasing the rate of recovery from schizophrenia will help destigmatize the disease and reduce the emotional burden on families. Thus Vocational and social rehabilitation teaches basic life skills to people with schizophrenia so that they can function in their families or communities. We endeavour to work towards a change that is directed towards helping these patients take care of themselves and make the most of their capabilities.