Vishesh Child Development Centre

Each one of us is different, each one of us is special. Our personalities, our life experiences and our ways of solving problems, are all unique. We are so busy in our hurried life that we forget to appreciate our uniqueness. Even the way we develop from childhood to adulthood is unique for every individual.

Development is an ongoing process from childhood to adulthood and beyond. We at Vishesh aim to support, empower and enable every individual to achieve their highest potential. We promote respect, acceptance and inclusion in a conducive environment.

Vishesh is a one-stop multidisciplinary centre for children, adolescents and adults who need help in developing themselves by providing therapeutic and supportive atmosphere to deal with the challenges encountered in life.

Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Services :

● Psycho - Educational Assessment
● Remedial Education
● Occupational Therapy
● Homeopathic Consultations and Treatment
● Physical Therapy
● Counselling
● Play and Group Therapy
● Rehabilitative Services
● Transport facility

"Please don't talk about me because I am different, talk to me because we are not the same".